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Welcome to The Andy Hallett Online Community

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Welcome to The Andy Hallett Online Community

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 29, 2018 3:29 am

Hey there! Cool  welcome

I want to welcome all you guys to this new site that I created to honoured and remember Andy Hallett. I want to take this chance to tell you a little bit of my story until now. tongue

I started a personal blog/site almost two years ago not knowing what my life would be in the future. When I first started that site my business, my life was kind of chaotic. I had lots of stress, pressure and I can tell you by running that little business made me lose some friends.  tears

When I met Andy, you might have read it before if you have visited my personal site My Andy Hallett's Place I was all confused, my life was dark and unsure. Andy reminded me of my passion for music that I almost forgot about, reminded me of love for life and laugh  What a Face . That place was my way out from a life I was not very keen of. No

A year and half later, my life is completely changed. This joy and happiness I feel today I felt I needed to share and do something bigger for the man that inspired this and reminded me something basic in life: be true to yourself.

Today I closed my little business - may be a bit sad news, but I knew it had to end -, I have started a new path, a new journey in life with new goals and full of positivism and truly beliveing I have found my place. I love you

After few sleepless nights, some thinking and a poll to all Andy/lLorne fans I decided to build this site and rebuild the Andy Hallett community he used to have back in the day.  Maybe a crazy idea, or maybe not.... clown  tazmania

Paraphrasing Elton John: lol!

Elton John wrote: Maybe quite simple but, now that it's done
Hope you don't mind, I put down in words

Hoping you all guys like this. My only aim in this it's to remember Andy with joy and love, respect and maybe leave an Andy Hallett mark of he truly was, for future generations. peace

Thanks for being part of this, see you around! sunny  cheers

Have fun and enjoy ! Yay

Ginny Rosso

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